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With all the events happening in Northwest Arkansas we want to recognize and reward the individuals devoting their time to fueling this bike culture. The Bike Alliance of Northwest Arkansas wants to recognize and reward YOUR volunteer hours.

Starting in March, the Bike Alliance will be doing monthly and quarterly drawings. For every hour of time spent volunteering at Bike Alliance events, meetings, or trail work days, you will be entered to win! The more hours you volunteer, the better chance you have at winning the great prizes from both local and national sponsors.

For April's Volunteer Incentive Program prize stay tuned to find out what we give away!

&Stay tuned for the quarterly drawing in June!


The Bike Alliance is a consortium of Northwest Arkansas's leading cycling-related nonprofits. Under BikeNWA's leadership, members work together to drive big, positive, bike-friendly change in the region by supporting one another's efforts, amplifying our collaborative and individual successes, and speaking with a united voice to achieve common goals. Most importantly, a strong network of Alliance members enables us to point to a diverse, engaged, supportive constituency when we're out there fighting for smart street and trail design and bike-friendly policies.
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I can help on Saturday. Text me with updates 479-466-6622.