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To increase the number of people using bicycles for health, transportation or recreation by partnering with local organizations to distribute free or low-cost bikes to those who can't afford them.


We have two locations. 3902 NW Wishing Springs, Bentonville, AR and 315 W. Olive St., Rogers, AR. Hours of operation are the same.

Founded in late 2014, Pedal It Forward, NWA was started by a group of local cyclists who love riding, enjoy the beauty of NWA, and wanted to find a way to help everyone feel the joy and freedom that comes with having a bike. A call went out for bike donations and the community responded with enthusiasm that has continued to this day. Today, our volunteers collect and refurbish thousands of bikes which are then distributed to partner organizations that work with underserved populations. From “earn-a-bike” school programs to adults in need of transportation to clinics helping people improve their health, Pedal it Forward bicycles can be seen throughout NWA.


Bike recipients are primarily identified by health clinics, agencies, non-profit organizations, and schools. They share stories of recipients who are now biking to work or appointments or are participating in recreational outings. Kids are able to join in after school activities and more people are able to enjoy the beauty and resources of NWA.  In addition, the availability of bicycles has allowed more schools and organizations implement structured bicycle based programs to help their clients.


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